The company

Rosicel is a design/styling company based in New York.  Our mission is to deliver beautiful and functional designs on a moderate budget.  We also design and build custom furniture, samples can be found in the gallery.

Design Philosophy

Visualizing changes to your home such as rearranging, adding space, choosing a paint color, or displaying family photos are all signs of a designers mind.  I believe we all possess this quality; with our training, years and hands on experience we can help you achieve beautiful, comfortable and functional spaces that reflects your individual taste.


Here’s a little background about me.  My name is Rosicel.  I grew up in a small town where a decent education was hard to come by and survival depended on working with your hands, and the ability to learn different crafts.  This is where my roots lie, however I have been given the opportunity to reinforce the strong ethics instilled in me by my parents with the education that they worked so hard to provide.  I graduated in architecture and worked in the field since college.  I further developed my knowledge by earning my master in construction management and working in the field.  The technical and hands on experience helped me in further developing my creative side.  Any free time I had I wanted to learn something new.  I took fashion courses, including sewing and draping.  I started making my own dresses, then the accessories and such, on and off while working in architecture.  I also became very passionate in building things by myself, yes DIY.  I have been interior decorating, remodeling and building cabinets and furniture in the house I share with my husband and two kids.  I love every aspect of design, and I cannot see myself doing something else.  I put a lot of passion in everything I do.  I enjoy the creation, the process, and the final product.  I love the journey my life had taken me and love sharing this journey with you.
Thank you for stopping by!