Almost every kid I know loves the idea of a bunk bed, I know I did. That is the idea of being elevated, but I wasn’t too happy to be the kid sleeping on the bottom bed.  My kids are not any different, so, I tried to come up with a bunk bed that fit their wishes.

IMG_3065 (2)   IMG_3127 (2)

I came up with a bed where they will both be elevated, use their own stairs to climb up and most of all look up without seeing the bottom of a bed.  I believe my mission was accomplished once I heard they say “this is awesome”.  They love being able to talk to each other looking at each other faces and of course climbing to each other beds.

IMG_3073   IMG_3134

I also had some fun with the “rail”. I decided to  build a shelf/box.  It serves dual purpose; it protects them  from falling, and it serves as storage for their precious items.

IMG_3076             20160606_165436

In addition, their reading habits are a bit different. One loves reading in bed, and the other likes to browse through as many books as he can in a quiet little spot.  The position of the bed helped in giving them both what they wish for.  Happy dreams 🙂

20160606_151710 (2)             IMG_3099