arts and crafts zone

Once a complete empty den but with an abundance of natural light, this room quickly became the prefer go to room for doing arts and crafts and playing.  Unfortunately there was no place to storage supplies or  a surface to do any kind of project.  In addition this room has a heating element all along the perimeter.

IMG_2442         IMG_2538 - Copy

The idea became to use the only wall available to create perimeter storage leaving room for the heat to circulate.  We built upper and lower cabinets and a shelf for boxes and such.  The shelf and counter were built with oak planks smoothed and cut to shape.  The craft table is a farm house style table, custom built for this room, along with two matching benches.

IMG_2455         IMG_2541

Because this room is mainly being used for kids; we decided to use acrylic instead of glass for the upper cabinets.  The kids can see and access their supplies/toys without any risk of the glasses being broken.  We are sure there will be more changes to accommodate their growing needs, but the essence and comfort of the room will still be there.

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